Z očakávaných piatich i-mate zostali iba dva

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3 komentáre

  1. bolek píše:

    ako ta to moze vzrusovat uz pol roka, ked to iba teraz oznamili?

  2. rony píše:

    [1] chyba formulacie.

  3. bolek píše:

    CNET Asia contacted i-mate Asia Pacific and the official word is the company still plans to launch all models, but will do so in a staggered fashion starting with the 8150 and 6150.
    So there we go. Those eyeing the 5150, 7150 and 9150 models can breathe easy. Sure, we understand that nothing’s really for sure until we have it in our hands. But between Clove and i-mate, we’ll take the latter’s word for now.