PDAčkový cluster

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  1. Ota píše:

    Docela jsem si užil četbu toho fóra odkazovaného úplně na konci článku s tou fotkou:
    W?BIC „Why? Because I can!“
    Over the years, I guess I’ve been known to invoke the „W?BIC!“ defense for quite a few of my Pocket PC exploits. To me, though, there need be NO further justification for doing things like:
    – Surfing the Web via WLAN and cable modem on a 240X320 screen, even though a perfectly functional PC sits three feet away
    – Spending seven hours converting a two-hour movie just so I can watch it on my Pocket PC
    – Loading 253 MP3s onto a CF card for a 45-minute drive across town
    – Installing a total of 73 different applications, even though on any given day I may only need five of them
    – Arguing with my voice dialer for several minutes rather than simply dial using the keypad
    – Downloading 197 e-mails wirelessly at 9.6kps rather than use a landline 56k modem
    Tak přesně takovou filozofii vyznávám