Britney Spears

Zrejme je to už tu a séria fotiek milej Britney Spears a hlavne nahej ;-) je tu:

Fanúškovia tvrdia, že to nie je ona :-)
Ale veď ona aj tvrdila, že je panna a nepodlieha ani legálnym drogám, že…
For English visitors:
Did Britney Spears posed for Playboy magazine? Britney never revealed the truth about any photographs or pictures of her naked body. I have read Britney’s reward was about $40 million dollars. Anyway, this information is not confirmed, so it is up to you, whether you consider following girl naked Britney Spears or not.
Here goes the picture of Playboy’s naked Britney Spears:
This foto is fake, not Britney. Thank’s for your visit.

Written by rony

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Mr. Truth: i wrote „This foto is fake, not Britney. Thank’s for your visit.“, do you read this? Please, don’t tell me same facts.

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